Wednesday, December 21, 2011

To the New Danner Baby

Kekoa & Melissa Danner's Baby
Dear Child, I do not know you yet, but as I sit here, I think of you and wonder into our future together.

I first saw a picture of you one month ago.  Your Uncle Ikaika called you "Alien".  One day when you look at the ultra sound picture you'll understand why :)

I guess I'll be the one you call Grandma one day.  I'm sorry if I struggle with that label, but you have to understand that it is not because I will not love you and guard you with my life, it's just because I am not ready for this stage of life.  I'm not ready to say "hello" to you the same way I was not ready to say "goodbye" to your Dad the day he moved away.  I'm not ready to move into this new role because for some reason, it feels like maybe something in me is ending.

I hope your Dad will help you to know me so you'll understand the type of Grandma I'll be to you.  I promise to love you and watch over you, even if it means a "tut tut" now and then to remind you to behave.  I promise to tell you stories of your Dad when he was growing up so that you will know how much you are like him.  I promise to help you find what it is that you love in this life and help teach you how to know what true happiness is.  I promise to give you the best of what I've got to offer so that the best of your Dad, of me and my predecessors will live in you.

Next year we'll have Christmas together.  I daresay you'll be spoiled rotten and that's alright, as long as you remember to say thank you and be genuinely grateful haha For now, I just wanted to make sure you know that I'm here and I'm thinking about you.  Stay strong little one.  The world is waiting for you.