Thursday, June 19, 2008

2 Days Until Summer Solstice :)

Life is busy - so am I. June is more than half over, I'm staring down my eldest son's 17th birthday in two weeks, and contemplating what I need to do to fit in 2 gym visits a day in preparation for Kev's wedding...more on that later.

I read a few posts on blogs, while waiting for my brother Keaka to come home so that I can coordinate the acquisition of his Volvo for Kekoa...teaching budgeting and responsibility is not easy, but a lot easier when it involves something that every teenager wants: freedom. You have no idea how I cringe at the early morning transportation to football, the picking up from school, the taking him to work, the dances at 7 Peaks on Friday nights...coordinating my life around Kekoa's schedule is NOT what I want to do anymore, as soon as possible. So it's a form of freedom for me too; it will be good, but yeah, I'm sure I'll do a follow up blog on the rules of the car. Ikaika has his driver's permit too. Yes, I have two teenage drivers, hence the biannual Botox injections to avoid the onset of migraines LOL honestly, I love my life and my darling sons.

Kev's wedding...he is getting married on July 15th. He's Travis' brother. He and his fiance are the most adorable couple ever. I am looking forward to their wedding. It will all be wonderful, well everything except saying goodbye as they go start their new life in New York. So the gym visits X 2...I just need something to work towards and I'm using this wedding as milestone/goal number one ;)

I need to write more later...there is an 11 year mark that is coming up that I cannot ignore.